WhatsApp eCommerce: 19 Use Cases to Personalize Customer Experience

ecommerce chatbot use cases

WhatsApp chatbot for e-commerce can also be utilized for a better product delivery experience. Consumers can simply share their location on WhatsApp chat, making the process of delivery easy and interface is extremely simple to use as users can receive real-time updates on products under their chosen category.

ecommerce chatbot use cases

But most important of all, AI chatbots give users the ability to take action of these incentives as well, which brings us to the sixth eCommerce use case of conversational AI. Today, most customers would rather interact with a bot than an actual person. 60% of customers would prefer a digital assistant like a chatbot to an actual live agent. A consumer can converse with these chatbots more seamlessly, choosing their own way of interaction. If they’re looking for products around skin brightening, they get to drop a message on the same.

Event Registration Chatbots

But if you’re new to the concept, you might be wondering where you could use them. Allow us to help you out with some of the best E-commerce chatbot use cases. If you’re a store on Shopify, setting up a chatbot for your business is easy—no matter what channel you want to use it on.

Like many of us, pain and frustration could be your initial associations. But chatbots have actually come a long way—and I’ve pulled some of the best chatbot use cases to show just how varied and, dare I say, smart they can be. Google’s virtual try-on tool uses Generative AI to bring the fitting room experience online—helping shoppers feel more confident in their clothing purchases. As seen in the real life example below, more customers purchased sweaters at a lower discount because of the performance-driven AI-generated messaging.


But if you want to get the most out of an eCommerce chatbot, you need it to be powered by the right technology. With no upselling or product suggestions, the bot is simple there to have a chat. Users can show the bot an Instagram post of a look they love and it can help them recreate it with Sephora products. Making the whole booking process quick and easy, the bot has an 11% higher conversion rate than the other channels Sephora uses for in-store bookings. In all, the chatbot gives the user a streamlined version of Ebay on Facebook Messenger. The bot then searches for related listings, narrowing down the number of products the user needs to wade through.

Convincing your customers to sign up for your brand new loyalty program is only half of the grand battle. Unlike the usual email with a tracking number, WhatsApp enables you to send shipping updates every time the package changes location without annoying the customer. Maybe they are busy, maybe they forgot or maybe they are checking other options… Online shopping, despite all the other advantages, deprives consumers of examining the merchandise up close or firing up a quick question to a nearby standing sales assistant.

Your AI chatbot can help them with whatever information they need and also provide instant customer service. Customers appreciate anytime, anywhere support, and retail conversational AI chatbots make that possible with quick, accurate answers without the risk of human error. Let’s cover a few ways that you can use chatbots to increase your eCommerce sales and improve your customer service.

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