Rep: Top Ecommerce Chatbot Use Cases

WhatsApp eCommerce: 19 Use Cases to Personalize Customer Experience WhatsApp chatbot for e-commerce can also be utilized for a better product delivery experience. Consumers can simply share their location on WhatsApp chat, making the process of delivery easy and interface is extremely simple to use as users can receive real-time updates on products under their […]

What Is Conversational AI? Definition and Examples

Conversational AI Chatbot using Deep Learning: How Bi-directional LSTM, Machine Reading Medium The chatbot will deliver proper service as long as the user remains in the scope topic. Chatbots are enough for small and medium businesses and huge companies which aim to handle a single task. Have you ever thought about what makes a chatbot […]

Best Insurance Chatbot Use Cases and Examples for 2023

Insurance Chatbots: Optimizing Customer Experiences Chatbots provide round-the-clock customer support, the automation of mundane and repetitive jobs, and the use of different messaging platforms for communication. Some of the best use cases and examples of chatbots for insurance agents are as mentioned below. For an easier understanding, we have bucketed the use case based upon […]