Best Bookkeepers in Salt Lake City Utah Bookkeeping Services

We know there are a wide variety of merchant services and choosing one can be time-consuming and confusing. B&B will guide you to pick the best service for your company and help you set it up. No matter how you choose to get paid, we will make sure that we keep track of your revenue. […]

How to calculate operating cash flow: What it is and why its important

Similarly, in the case of a start-up business, a positive cash flow doesn’t necessarily prove that the company is profitable. The liquidity could result from factors other than profit (loan funds or stocks sold at a loss, etc.). While revenue is clearly an important financial metric, cash flow indicates how much money a business has […]

Quickbooks New Client Checklist

A serious business must have inventory management, which is complex and demanding. Know the type of inventory the business has, its volume, and the type of inventory management system they have. You can assess the client’s inventory situation and offer the best inventory services through it. Also, let the client know if you need anything, […]

The Best Small Business Bookkeeping Services in Columbus

Keeping track of every detail and valuing transparency and integrity above all. Industries in medical, transportation, and non-profit are specialties of this firm. If you want to hit them up, you can request a free consultation online. They personalize their approach to your needs so that liabilities and deductions are avoided. So if you want […]